There are many decisions the couple need to make while planning a wedding and the one regarding the type of wedding desired is the first one to decide upon. The answer will dictate everything else that follows. A large wedding with many guests, for example, will require a large yet realistic budget, a venue big enough to fit everyone, and food choices that will feed all who arrive. There will be many details to attend to, such as seating plans, decorations, and a band or DJ.

Keeping It Simple

A small wedding is easier to plan and drastically reduces expenses and stress. Small to medium weddings can be elaborate and expensive, but they tend to be simple and budget-friendly. If a couple want a small wedding chances are they do not prefer big crowds, loud noises, and frivolous spending. A wedding with just the closest friends and family provides a bit of freedom in terms of elegance and flexibility.

Instead of a venue that can seat five-hundred people, an intimate grotto in a nice restaurant can be rented. This leaves plenty in the budget for a steak or seafood dinner rather than a pasta and chicken buffet. There are no overwhelming decisions to make and fewer details to keep track of as the event draws near.

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A Destination Wedding

The couple who has dreamed of a Hawaii wedding will need to understand that many guests will not be able to make the trip. Finances, work obligations, taking care of children or elderly parents, of even a fear of flying will prevent most invited guests from joining the couple. Those who are willing to make that trade-off and have a few people present can find a wide variety of Hawaii wedding packages to suit budgets and preferences.

Consider Eloping

To avoid all the decisions, stresses, and expenses of a wedding ceremony and reception, couples will want to at least consider eloping. It is fast, convenient, and costs very little. Whether it is a drive-up chapel in Las Vegas or the local city hall couples can arrive in any attire they want, spend ten minutes repeating a few sentences, and exchange rings. Everything will be done but the fallout.

Realistically, few people who know the couple will be surprised, and it lets friends and family off the hook from buying a new outfit, getting a babysitter, and deciding on a gift right away. Old-fashioned etiquette indicates that people have one full year in which to purchase a wedding gift for the couple, so there will be no rush.

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